Rick Edrich


Rick brings both creativity and management expertise to meet his clients' objectives with fresh and striking solutions. His signature: strong narrative complemented by imaginative visual execution. As lead producer, he maximizes the talents of his team creatively and collaboratively. He creates an environment, on-site and in-studio, that challenges his teams to raise the bar for every project, an approach that keeps clients coming back for more. 

Ryan Savinni

Creative director

Ryan's a new additional to our team and his Bio will be up shortly! 

Brittany Santagata


Brittany's Film & Media Studies degree from Lafayette College brought her to Spot Creative where she assists in every aspect from creative development to post-production. From coordination to project management, she creatively and efficiently handles projects while succeeding in maintaining and strengthening client relationships.

Michael Glody

Production Coordinator

Michael's a new additional to our team and his Bio will be up shortly! 

Daniel Aho

production coordinator

Daniel coordinates countless projects ranging from single "camera talking head" interviews to commercials and film. This support has assisted local crews as well as around the world in the global market. Daniel also helps to manage daily operations of Spot Creative.

Tara Villa Bencosme 

finance director

Tara supports the financial operations at Spot. She also manages and tracks all of the costs on projects, which keeps us on budget and our clients happy. 

Jen Sclafani 

Senior Designer & animator 

Jen's a new additional to our team and her Bio will be up shortly! 

John Andres

Executive DIRECTOR

John guides the creative vision for Spot Creative on a diverse range of film, television, and video programming. No matter if it is commercial, documentary, broadcast show or corporate film, he brings the same passion to each and every story. As Spot begins conversations with clients, he seeks to find what is unique about their project. Once identified, he and the rest of the development team choose the best tools and resources needed to executive the plan flawlessly. 

Sam Neave


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Drew Thompson

Director,creative services

Drew's a new additional to our team and his Bio will be up shortly! 

Eden Martinez


Eden's pursuit of filmmaking began at the age of 13 where she'd write and direct short form films. The pursuit didn't end there as she was driven to advance her skill set by taking every opportunity she could to learn and create. Her passions eventually lead her to Spot Creative, where she coordinates and manages a large variety of projects. Her creative approach, positive attitude, and troubleshooting skills provide the way for consistent and effective execution. She is heavily involved in every facet of each project as well as day-to-day operations and has a deep commitment to delivering quality results. 

Jeff Mack

Production Coordinator

Jeff is an invaluable asset both on set and in office, effective in helping to oversee and coordinate projects through each stage of production while maintaining his passion and ingenuity. He has a diverse creative background within the film and television industry and a BFA in screenwriting. 

Karla Llompart 


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Adriana Kreger

Senior designer & animator

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